Justin Dunn American Mustang School February Newsletter 2021

Things are happening!

Here we are in February, 2021 of an exciting time! We have been here in North Carolina making great progress toward fulfilling our purpose of helping people and horses.

Due to the "noise" or effects of the dominating political stuff, government lock downs, and global influence on how we will forever conduct our personal lives in the future, we were able to keep on going.......barely.

It is my preference to never complain about things that seem to be "bad" or going "wrong". In horsemanship, things happen and we observe and make changes. We look for progress, and transformation, focusing on all of the things we desire. In life, we learn from the horses that we should do the same.

During the times of "noise" or outside distractions, I found at times it was easy to get caught up in the trough of disillusionment. As it turns out, it was in that time, we made some real advancements. The "noise" allowed us time to develop infrastructure, create connections with people, and prepare for the coming slope of enlightenment. (Look at,

American Mustang School is so much more than a school promoting health and wellness, while preserving mustang horses. AMS is about sustaining an enriched life, connecting people and animals, existing together while embracing nature, regardless of whatever "noise" is taking place.

As we move up the slope of enlightenment, heading toward the plateau of productivity, its important to realize those that are helping make it into a reality.

Last month, was probably our lowest time in the trough, yet was our highest time in realizing the support we were attracting. AMS received some donations from people that really care about what we are doing.

I'd like to personally thank, Hot Rods for Veterans INC. for donating $1,500 to our Veteran program! Kristina and I have been providing sessions at no charge to veterans and first responders since we arrived here 18 months ago. Toward the end of last year, we realized it was no longer an option to continue the programs. The "noise" had created something we could not have planned for, and funding was a critical factor in sustaining our program.

Hot Rods for Veterans will be helping us with funding going forward, and it was just the lift we needed to continue. If you would like to donate through a 501c to help AMS, please do. At the time of writing this, we have 6 veterans actively participating in our program. We have had over 20 since we've been here. Every one of them greatly appreciate that AMS is here, and accessible.

The life changing things that I get to witness my horses do for others is payment enough for me. I just wish all of the bill collectors felt the same! In reality, it takes funding to sustain, and grow. I am so thankful that we are not alone in the desires to see AMS continue to advance toward what we set out to do.

Thank you all for being a part of our passion, Love to all of you.



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Cinnamon accepts donation from our new partner, Hot Rods for Veterans