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"A Horse To Guide Me" is the best self help-action book of 2023! By Justin W. Dunn

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hello everyone! As I write this it's May 1st. I have finished my book, and it is officially available only on my website. The link to purchase is on my website and Facebook.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, and learning all of the steps it takes to make it happen. I started writing May 10, 2022 and allowed myself one year to complete it.

One of the interesting things I learned in writing my own book, is that it took on its own life form. I set out to write a book that is unique, has real value, and really expresses the essence of a tranquil life with horses. I try to explain with words what, and how to gain the therapeutic value of horsemanship. I know from my experiences sharing with so many people over the years, that words don't really do it, but experiential learning is the best way to understand horsemanship. As I wrote my book over the year, I repeatedly experienced a wave of information flow into my mind, and would immediately write it down. Sometimes, it would take me 3-4 hours to get it all out onto paper, or dictated into (Notes) my phone. As the thoughts would come to me, I might have been on my tractor, or in the saddle on a back of a horse, drifting off to sleep or just waking up. It was really quite an experience, and I began to eagerly wait for more information to come. I noticed that if I tried to force my mind to think of things to write, the effect was that of just searching, and nothing would come. As I would write and compile information, and reread to myself, I saw a pattern of things happen, and the life form of the book taking shape. As I witnessed the book taking on new meanings, and expanding over many topics, I realized that I had been given access to information that was earned over time. The information was always there, but I didn't or wasn't granted access to it, until things within me had aligned to receive them.

I understand now that I have had access to the information all along, and when I became of the same frequency of the energy (information) it could flow to me, or synchronize with me. The horses know these things naturally, and the one who created us both designed us this way, because it is in us that the creator meets with nature, in the present.

The therapeutic value of horsemanship, is learning to know and understand our inner self, control ourselves, and present the best version of ourselves to the horse, to others and deal with the world in the present.

Now that my book is finished, I plan to devote time sharing horsemanship information in my private online training group on Facebook. I will be making custom videos to explore the advanced intricacies of horsemanship, but keep it simple, efficient and effective.

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