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Dear Friends,

American Mustang School serves those who put their life on the line to protect and preserve freedom for Americans and others around the world. Focusing on veterans and current military who operate in high stress environments and experienced traumatic events. These programs will ultimately be extended to civil servants such as Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, etc.

American Mustang School has a team of 9 horses that are specifically trained to assist in programs that are dynamic and can serve participants ranging from beginner to advanced. Some of the American Mustang School horses were previously abused and understandably guarded from the trauma. I personally developed a unique training method which directly elevated these horses out of a fixed mindset and into a growth mindset, which facilitated a mutually beneficial relationship and willing partner to help others. Through interaction with the horses, participants experience many healthy events such as enhanced self-Awareness, self-Discovery, mind training, and focused thinking. American Mustang School utilizes priorities for success, beliefs, rules, philosophies, and a strength-based training strategy.

Participants learn to present what they expect from the mustang, create a willing partner, observe and evaluate feedback, make changes within themselves and then re-present to the mustang. Individual horses develop a relationship/connection completely unique to a specific participant.

Horses will not judge, don’t care about wealth, ability, race, or status. Horses care how much the participant cares. Horsemanship allows participant to drop their guard, be open to learning from within, about themselves, while learning about the horse.

Horsemanship allows a participant to feel feelings and think thoughts that they otherwise may never have experienced. My vision is to have an American Mustang School at every military base to provide care to our beloved men and women and their family members. As of today, our school located in North Carolina is providing proof of concept, with great successes!


We start with a 2-hour assessment session in which we introduce you to EAL and you can decide if it is something you wish to pursue.

Let's ride together,


Justin Dunn


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Listen to this podcast Justin did with Johnny MF Glen.

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Listen to this full-length podcast about what we do at AMS.

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