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Bit-less Bridles by Justin Dunn

One day on a pack trip, after leaving all the bitted bridles back at the farm, was the inspiration to go bit-less. After rigging up halters and lead ropes as improvised bridles, the horses behaved perfectly for 5 days in the woods with 5 inexperienced riders, and thus the Justin Dunn Bit-less bridle was created.
- Properly fitting geometry to fit the horse for precise communication
- Will not spiral on the horse's face
- Increased margin of error
- The horse can concentrate on the rider, rather than the equipment
- Made to handle day-to-day use in the outfitting business
- Can be used on trail, in training, and in competition

Partnering with

Weaver Leather


Together with Weaver leather for manufacturing, we started with top quality Hermann Oak® russet harness leather, to handcrafted a bridle using the finest materials and workmanship. Weaver worked closely with Justin on this gentle yet effective design that improves communication between horse and rider by asking the horse to respond to pressure instead of pain. The nose is constructed from premium tan rope with two strategically-placed knots that encourage a horse to give in to pressure and seek release. With rawhide loops at the crown, non-rust stainless steel cart buckles with black accents at the cheeks, and extra strong leather lace ties at it's ends, this bridle looks as great as it performs. Horse and draft sizes available.

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