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Build your Life Coaching with Horses Business


Are you passionate about horses and helping others? Now you can build a thriving business sharing your gifts. My proven program teaches you to take your horsemanship skills to the next level, while guiding clients to become their best selves. I'll show you how to turn your passion into profits.


As an award-winning author and life coach, I've distilled decades of experience into simple lessons. Through online and in-person training, you'll learn advanced techniques to deepen the horse-human connection. Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, I'll provide the most effective way to establish your business.


My students discover that success stems from adding value. As you empower others, you'll earn an income directly proportional to the transformation you facilitate. The possibilities are limitless.


Join me, and let's succeed together doing what we love - helping others through the power of horsemanship. With the right mindset and skills, you can create the business of your dreams.


 Interactive Systems to support you in your business. I will be for you, who I needed when I was where you are.


Three options - choose one, choose two, mix and match.

  1. Online Facebook Group, (Lifetime membership) to show you what I do so you can duplicate and apply to your own business 

  2. Phone call or Zoom meetings one person or group consultations.

  3. In person training.


In-Person Training

  • Come to the American Mustang School and learn how to build your business in person.

  • Personalized, One-to-One or Group Training

  • Scheduled on your time


Zoom Meeting Sessions


  • Live group sessions with Justin to learn how to build your business.

  • Recordings will be available for you to review.


Phone Call or Zoom Call


  • Personalized, One-to-One or Group Training

  • Scheduled on your time

Online Facebook Group

  • Access to private horsemanship group on Facebook

  • Hundreds of videos with new videos added as you train

  • Live Q&As with Justin and special guests

  • Get access to Justin for questions

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