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Justin Dunn American Mustang School February 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 30

We have almost made it through January 2024 already, and I want you to know we are on FIRE this year. I have a lot of plans for creating online content. My goals are to create unique and valuable videos full of information about horses, horse-human relationships, showcase what it is that makes American Mustang School successful.

Now, there are some opportunities for you to follow along and watch in real time as we write the story of the future. I’ve made myself more available to you. I’ll share a few of them now, and more in future newsletters as they become available.

The best way, is to actually come to American Mustang School in person. You will have one-on-one training/coaching with me, my horses, in the peaceful setting of our sanctuary here in North Carolina. There are very close lodging options available ranging from affordable to as pricey as you’d like to go, meaning spas, golf, fine dining, yoga, etc.  (Google Pinehurst, NC., if you’d like help deciding on a place, let me know). Here's a link to check out in-person options

There is always the online Facebook Group. In my private members only group you’ll find over 500 videos of me and horses playing and learning all of what we have distilled down and do today. Through refinement I will continue to produce content in there that is valuable to you in your horsemanship. Here is the link to pay and join:

Next, I offer one-on-one phone call or Zoom consultations to help you in your horsemanship on whatever you may have questions with.  It’s simple, just follow the link here:

And NEW for February! I’ll be offering group ZOOM meetings every week! The advantage is, group discussions on specific topics, discovering how my interactive system gets predictable results every time in horsemanship. Every episode will be stored in case you miss it LIVE. Each episode will have an Intro, Content/Interaction, Q&A session as an Outro. In the meetings we will be able to discuss videos, whiteboard to get deeper on topics, and much more. Some of the topics, Acquiring a horse, Handling/Conditioning a horse, Training a horse, First Aid, When to call Vet, Trailer/Travel with a horse, Teach horsemanship to other people, Problem solving in horsemanship, Budgeting for a horse, and more. Get registered today so you can join us.


Note: ZOOM meetings may go longer than scheduled times as needed

The dates/topics in February  6 PM-7 PM (Start at 5:50 PM for sound check)                                                                                                                    

  • 6th  Episode 1 Introduction to Five Levels of Horsemanship, (Why its important to follow)                                                                                                                      

  • 13th Episode 2 Introduction to tack and equipment (Why and How to use)                                                                                              

  • 27th Episode 3 Integration of humans into your Horsemanship (Create Income)


Also, I’ve decided to start over with my YouTube channel! Emma, my youngest daughter has informed me that my channel is lame. So, she has agreed to help me make it not lame, LOL! Baby steps, and we should have something very cool to bring you this year.  

New this year- discounts for you

Good News! I can now offer you a way to get discounts on horse tack and products through Weaver Leather!! 

Keep this link handy, share it with your friends, and help them too.

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