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Bitless, Spurless, No Fear, No Pain, No Force Horsemanship

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Equine Assisted Services Provider Training

Equine Assisted Services (EAS) Provider training is for mental health professionals looking for a way to expand their practice, reach more clients, and provide care more effectively. It is a method that will help all people achieve mental health and well-being but is especially effective for your clients dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies.

Our EAS program at American Mustang School (AMS)
AMS has a fully functioning EAL program for current military, veterans, and military families.  We have a team of 9 horses that are specifically trained to assist in programs that are dynamic and can serve participants ranging from beginner to advanced. Some of the American Mustang School horses were previously abused and understandably guarded from the trauma. I personally developed a unique training method which directly elevated these horses out of a fixed mindset and into a growth mindset, which facilitated a mutually beneficial relationship and willing partner to help others. Through interaction with the horses, participants experience many healthy events such as enhanced self-Awareness, self-Discovery, mind training, and focused thinking. AMS utilizes priorities for success, beliefs, rules, philosophies, and a strength-based training strategy.

Participants learn to present what they expect from the mustang, create a willing partner, observe and evaluate feedback, make changes within themselves and then re-present to the mustang. Individual horses develop a relationship/connection completely unique to a specific participant.

Horses will not judge, don’t care about wealth, ability, race, or status. Horses care how much the participant cares. Horsemanship allows participant to drop their guard, be open to learning from within, about themselves, while learning about the horse.

Horsemanship allows a participant to feel feelings and think thoughts that they otherwise may never have experienced. As of today, our school located in North Carolina is providing proof of concept, with great successes!

We will train you to integrate EAS into your practice.

$5000 - 5 consecutive days, 8 hours/day, group setting, horses provided, hands-on training *We offer military and first responders discounts*


You will learn:

  • Justin's unique step-by-step program for facilitating the horse-human relationship for the benefit of both

  • How the program works, why it works, and what happens in real sessions

  • How to help your clients change their mindsets and heal their spirits

  • How to get started utilizing EAS for your clients

This training might be for you if you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

  1. Are you willing to commit yourself to the promotion of mental health and wellness for horses and people?

  2. Are you willing to invest the time, money, and energy that is essential to integrate this information into your practice so that it will generate limitless, tangible rewards?

  3. Are you ready to upgrade yourself with horses to fulfill a much higher purpose?


“I am a psychologist with clients participating in AMS’ program and what usually takes me 6 months to get results with many of my patients now takes a few weeks. The horses have such a positive effect on the patients, two hours a week practicing what Justin teaches, has so many crossover results in our office sessions. 

Based on my experience, the transformation in participants happens between 15 and 17 hours of practice with the horses. The most profound peripheral benefits reported from my clients are, sleeping through the entire night and feeling well rested, being able to focus better, not interested in inefficient practices like smoking or drinking, much better relationships with spouses and children, desire to be and do better at work, not having intrusive thoughts, not wanting to give up, not wanting to hurt themselves.”

- A grateful mental health professional, Psy.D.


Horse Pack Trips


Join us for a 3-night-2-day adventure! 

Included - Horse, Food (meals, snacks and beverages), Tent

Bring - Bed roll and personal supplies


  • Up to 2 people - $2400

  • Up to 4 people - $4200

  • Up to 6 people - $5400

Paid Add-ons:

  • Fishing Experience

  • Shooting Experience

Group Experiences at American Mustang School


  • Self-Discovery with Horses Session - varying duration and group size - please contact us to discuss details

  • Corporate Team Building with Horses Session - varying duration and group size - please contact us to discuss details

Hourly Horsemanship Training at American Mustang School

  • $150/hr. (2 hr. minimum)

  • $125/hr. (2 hr. minimum) Military and First Responders

  • Trip fee applies if Justin travels to your location.


Training Board at American Mustang School

  • $360 - Training Assessment Day (required for all Horse Training)

  • $3000/month plus hay and feed - Training

  • $2000/2 weeks plus hay and feed - Training

  • $1250/1 week plus hay and feed - Training

  • $20/day - non-training days, horse care only