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Bitless, Spurless, No Fear, No Pain, No Force Horsemanship
and Therapy

Please contact us to discuss possible 10% discount for military and first responders on our services.

Business Builder

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, I'll provide you with the most efficient, effective way to turn your passion into profits. Join me, and let's succeed together doing what we love - helping others through horsemanship.


Build - Teach - Earn


Three options - choose one, choose two, mix and match.

  1. Online Facebook Group, (Lifetime Membership) to show you what I do so you can duplicate and apply to your own business 

  2. Phone call or Zoom meetings one person or group consultations.

  3. In person training.

Online Facebook Group

  • Access to private horsemanship group on Facebook

  • Hundreds of videos with new videos added as you train

  • Live Q&As with Justin and special guests

  • Get access to Justin for questions


Phone Call or Zoom Call


  • Personalized, One-to-One or Group Training

  • Scheduled on your time


In-Person Training

  • Come to the American Mustang School and learn how to build your business in person.

  • Personalized, One-to-One or Group Training

  • Scheduled on your time

Business Builder

Life Coaching
Through Horsemanship

In Person at AMS

$600 2 Hour Assessment with one horse

$300 per hour with one horse provided


Minimum 1 hour session per visit, with 16 Hour Package Pre-purchased. 10% Discount to Military, Veteran, First Responders, Nurses

Contact us for tailorable options

We will use AMS horses for these sessions.

No Refunds

Life Coaching Price

Private Customized Horsemanship Course

Ages 6 and up -- Individual Private lessons only

Classes will be at AMS

We will use AMS horses for assessment and classes.

Payment in Advance. No Refunds.

Private Horsemanship Classes tailored just for you

Two Hour Assessment to identify your needs (with horse)  $390


Pricing Structure, paid in advance


16 Hours of Class, 2 hour minimum each class

Non-Military $3,120

Military         $2,800


30 Hours of Class, 2 hour minimum each class

Non-Military  $5,850

Military          $5,250

Classes are 2 hour minimum, One-on-one with Justin


Schedule at your convenience


Learn 5 Levels of Horsemanship at your rate of comfort, and understanding


5 Levels of Horsemanship


  1. Grooming for Mindset

  2. Establish Communication

  3. Saddle riding Communication

  4. Obstacle Riding

  5. Real World Focused Riding

  • We ride Western but any discipline will benefit from riding the AMS way.

  • We will start with a 2-hour assessment to pair you with a horse, and customize a lesson plan to your individual needs.

  • You will learn to groom, saddle, and ride a horse. Riding will be based on level of experience and confidence. Riding will begin in the arena, and progress to natural settings as you the rider advance. 

Horsemanship Course

Hourly Riding Lessons

Ages 6 and up -- Individual Private lessons only

2-hour assessment $390

Private Riding Lessons $195 per hour

We will use AMS horses for these lessons.

No Refunds.

  • We ride Western but any discipline will benefit from riding the AMS way.

  • We will start with a 2-hour assessment to pair you with a horse, and customize a lesson plan to your individual needs.

  • You will learn to groom, saddle, and ride a horse. Riding will be based on level of experience and confidence. Riding will begin in the arena, and progress to natural settings as you the rider advance. As you advance, you will have the option to ride different horses.


AMS Horsemanship Classes Levels 1-4


3 days/week, 3 hour classes

$4,500 per participant, Max. 6 participants


Rain or shine, No Refunds

We offer one makeup class for emergencies.


We will use American Mustang School Horses only

Justin teaches Bitless, Spurless, No Fear, No Pain, No Force Horsemanship.  

These are 12 advancing classes (all 12 classes are required for certification), pre-requisites to level 5 and cover Justin’s levels 1-4.  Here is a brief overview:

Level-1- Handling and conditioning horses.

  • Grooming for Mindset and the importance of the Feedback Loop.
  • Proper grooming, saddling of horses in western riding discipline.
  • Understand anatomy, psychology, and the mind-body connection in creating a willing partner in the horse-human relationship.
  • Understand how to serve and promote the horse for success, and enrich their lives by promoting your own success and enriching your own life.
  • Feel refreshed and know each experience forward will enhance the relationship in whatever you choose to do.
  • Learn how to think, and do, to become what you want to be, and present the best version of yourself to the horse so he can think and become what you desire, allowing the horse to become the best possible version of himself.
Level-2- Establish communication with multiple horses.
  • Utilize Five-Part Series, which is a series of five questions asked of any horse to allow you to adapt and develop a deeper understanding of the horse as an individual, allow the horse to gain a deeper understanding and adapt to you. The horse will reveal to you many things about themselves, such as how much pressure, at what time, and rhythm will be required to communicate efficiently, and effectively for the desired outcomes.
  • Fully understand and implement the Feedback Loop to engage and maintain a connection with a horse, regardless of outside influences.
  • Understand and follow rules, philosophies, concepts, fundamentals and principles to always enrich both the life of the horse and yourself.
Level-3- Transfer to saddle, riding the horse.
  • Learn to properly use and ride with a Bitless-Bridle, and communicate with a horse allowing them to focus on you and the questions you ask, without interrupting the mind-body connection with the equipment you are using to ask the questions with (pressure, not pain).
  • Ride with total control over what can be controlled, (hands) reins, mind, seat, and legs to present what you expect from the horse.
  • Create willingness in the horse to “draw” to you for guidance, and never have fear of forced compliance.
  • Experience riding in mind to mind, and body to body connection with the horse, and move in unity, willingly and not forced.
Level-4- Riding obstacle course in arena, and nature.
  • Participant will ride horse through man-made obstacles and natural obstacles to further develop the horse-human relationship.
  • Riding obstacles will enhance communication from the saddle maintaining the Feedback Loop in mind to mind, and body to body connection.
  • Participant will develop skills to become a confident leader to the horse, knowing how and when to guide and observe the horse in different situations that may arise.
  • Participant will gain a skill in sustaining communication in heightened situations, regardless of outside influences. Example: We do not train to specific things like bicycles, tarps, traffic, mailboxes, dogs etc. as that list is really infinite. We do train in horse-human communication where no matter what situation arises (outside influence) the feedback loop is maintained and effective communication to overcome any situation will result in desired success.
Note: The 3rd and 4th class will include trailer loading training. A certificate of completion will be earned, qualifying you for Level 5 - Real World Focused Riding.

Horsemanship Classes

Advanced Horsemanship Class Level 5

**Must have completed Level 1-4 classes**

4 Scheduled Classes- Min. 21 hours total

$3250, Max 4 participants

Rain or shine, No Refunds, no makeup classes allowed.


Level 5 – Real-World Focused Riding

(Certification Class)


Participant will continue what was learned and practiced in Level 1-4 and advance to level 5.

Communication with the horse while riding to maintain an uninterrupted feedback loop, correcting what is presented to the horse collectively through the practice of horsemanship. Riding while guiding and observing the horse through man-made obstacles, then advancing to natural obstacles in nature for a real-world riding experience.

pilot 1.jpg

  • Participant will gain knowledge through experiential learning with a horse. How to ask a horse to become willing in the relationship to agree to do the things desired by the participant. Learn about and use of specific equipment required for safe, effective communication with the horse, and what is not.
  • This advanced course will be tailored to the participants specific needs, such as the mental and mechanical requirements to accomplish what is desired with the horse. Horses are an animal that has a unique ability to adapt to the human and many situations. This class will aid the participant in being willing to change, and adapt to the horse, setting them both up for success in any situation that could arise.
  • Participant will be able to ask a horse to come willingly, halter, saddle, and ride the horse with confidence. Maintain the feedback loop for extended periods of time, gaining the ability to overcome any situation that could be encountered. Perform communication skills while riding the horse following a proprietary system of horsemanship with proven concepts that actually work with any horse.
  • Participant will load horse in trailer, unload horse at riding destination, ride horse for an extended period of time to engage in the Feedback Loop, with the horse in multiple situations.
Examples of Level 5 Riding
  • Riding horses up and down hills, through water crossings, over obstacles such as rocks, logs, mud, deep sand, tall grass, through trees/brush, city streets, neighborhoods, etc. Horse and Rider may encounter dogs off leash, trash trucks, car horns and other loud noises, lawnmowers, mailboxes, fast moving bicycles, joggers and much more considered “outside distractions”. The rider will know how to maintain communication, remain safe, and enjoy their time with the horse, regardless of outside influences.
  • Participants will learn the 4 things they can and must control to maintain the highest possible level in the horse human relationship. You will increase abilities to maintain focus on the “conversation” with the horse by asking the horse questions the horse understands, creating willingness to do whatever is expected in the duration of the riding experience. This is an experiential learning class; you must engage with the horse to fully comprehend what is being taught. In other words, this class is mostly taught by the horses, and will prepare you going forward with developing yourself into a great horseman. You will have better accuracy and control of your mind, body (hands, seat, legs) for efficient and effective communication with horses.

Horse Training


Justin specializes in wild mustang horses, and will train horses from mini to draft size, any breed. 

Note: If you do not have the horse's best interests as priority one, you will not qualify for horse training at AMS.


Pricing starts at:


Thirty Days training-

20 training days with 10 days off per month, $6,200


Two Weeks Training-

10 training days 4 days off per two weeks, $3,080


One Week Training-

5 training days, $1,500


Horse Assessment forTraining $600

No Refunds.

Overview of Horse Training Justin trains using Bitless, Spurless, No Fear, No Pain, No Force Horsemanship.  Create willingness in the horse to want to be with humans. Follow proven training practices allowing the horse to have a voice in the relationship, and move at the pace most efficient and effective for establishing a foundation that will last a lifetime. Monitor the horse at all times maintaining the mind-body connection, ensuring the horse will grow and develop mentally and physically during the training process. Follow rules of never forcing horses to submit with pain or fear of pain. The training process is tailored to the individual's needs. This is FUNTIME for your horse, and your horse will learn to be comfortable in the human element. Think of it as a place where learning is desired by your horse, because that is how I want my horses to feel.  Examples of training: 

  •  Creating a calm, quiet, thinking horse by freeing the restrictions in the mind and releasing tensions in the body, or creating enthusiasm in a horse that may be withdrawn or reluctant to participate in desired activities.
  • Address behavior problems, such as bolting, bucking, rearing, biting, kicking, or nervousness due to anxiety.
  • Create a safe, dependable horse, stand quiet on ground tie or tied. Soft on the halter, soft on the lead. Stand quiet for saddling, mounting/dismounting, riding, and accomplishing desired activities.
  • Trailer training horses- Teach owner and horse to load/unload, stand quietly tied, safely.
  • Train from untouched or traumatized to a safe riding horse. 
Note: Justin is very selective, the owner must have involvement in horse's training, and the horse cannot be for sale or plan to be sold at the time of training. 
  • Horse training is paid in advance, and a contract will need to be signed on or before date of delivery.
  • Coggins and Health certificate required.
  • Hay, salt/mineral block, fresh water and clean holding pen with shelter provided. Any special supplements or specific hay is the responsibility of the owner.
  • Please understand there is a waiting list.

  • Consulting with Justin

    • Do you have questions? Schedule a call and talk with Justin. Whether you need horsemanship/training advice, or need information on creating your own horsemanship program or school, Justin provides over the phone consulting services. 

    • $250/hour - Minimum 1 hour

    Consulting with Justin

    Equine Assisted Mental Health and Wellness

    Through interaction with the horses, participants experience many healthy events such as enhanced self-Awareness, self-Discovery, mind training, and focused thinking. American Mustang School utilizes priorities for success, beliefs, rules, philosophies, and a strength-based training strategy.

    Participants learn to present what they expect from the horse, create a willing partner, observe and evaluate feedback, make changes within themselves and then re-present to the horse. Individual horses develop a relationship/connection completely unique to a specific participant.

    We start with a 2-hour assessment session $390 or 10%  Military discount in which we introduce you to our program and you can decide if it is something you wish to pursue.

    Equine Assisted Service

    Group Experiences at American Mustang School

    • Self-Discovery with Horses Session - varying duration and group size - please contact us to discuss details

    • Corporate Team Building with Horses Session - varying duration and group size - please contact us to discuss details

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