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Justin's Book
"A Horse to Guide Me"
is Available Now!

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Why you, or someone you know needs this book? Well, because….

Justin has been training horses and people over twenty years.  His private Facebook Training Group (Justin Dunn Horsemanship - Adventures of the Enlightened Horseman) has over 500 training videos. Justin’s book represents his effort to condense his life lessons and understanding of becoming a better person/horseman in one place, and you don’t have to own a horse to get the benefits.
Justin writes about a proven concept of training and communication with horses to bring out the best in yourself and present the best version of yourself to the horse, as well as other people.

The key to success when playing with these remarkable animals is learning to control (four things) everyone possesses and can control. 

The consistent training practices provided by understanding Justin’s 5 levels of horsemanship, implementing the training program he has developed to build a partnership with your horse.

A relationship with a mustang or any horse is based on thinking and doing what you want to become. Because whatever your horse is thinking and doing he becomes. Always present the best version of yourself to the horse, observe feedback, make necessary changes, and continue presenting to create a feedback loop or conversation to grow and develop a deeper connection, regardless of outside influences. 

Justin explains how you can take control of yourself in the practice of horsemanship and become a better human being, create willingness in your horse to want to be with you because of who you are and have become. The peripheral benefits are infinite, and unique to you and your horse. The best part, you can practice what Justin has written  in the real world away from the horse!

You really do owe it to yourself to buy this book.


Get my book on Amazon today!

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