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Online Horsemanship Training


Do you want to join a warm community of like-minded horse lovers who are pursuing their passions, learning together, and building the lives they dream of?

I invite you to be part of my private Facebook group - a welcoming space where we share insights on horsemanship, personal growth, and purposeful living.

In this group, you'll find:

  • A safe, supportive community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and voice your thoughts in a judgment-free zone

  • Justin generously opening up about the deeper wisdom he's gained from decades of honing his horsemanship skills - and how those lessons apply more broadly to living a fulfilling life

  • Inspiration and encouragement to turn your purpose into meaningful work that helps others

  • Friends who understand your love of horses and are on their own journeys of growth


Whether you're looking to deepen your horsemanship practice, teach others what you love, or build an income around your purpose, you'll find heartfelt support and guidance here.


Come join our community - we'd love to have you!


DISCLAIMER - this group is private, hosted on Facebook.  You must have a Facebook account to participate. Facebook may cancel at any time without my consent.  No refunds.  All funding goes toward our veterans therapy program.

  • Lifetime Membership

    Continued education for you and your horse.
    • Access to private horsemanship group on Facebook
    • Hundreds of videos with new videos added weekly
    • Live Q&As with Justin and special guests
    • Get access to Justin for questions
    • Can't find a video? Suggest a topic.
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