Justin Dunn Horsemanship - Adventures of The Enlightened Horseman

Join today! Learn my "Five-Part Series" to Establish Clear Communication between you and your horse. Get access to Justin Dunn in a private Facebook group with LIVE videos, Q&A, and connect with other like minded horse lovers. Be the change you want to see in horsemanship. 


Join today, be a part of a very passionate group of people that really enjoy life with horses and get:

  • My FIVE-PART SERIES, establishing clear communication with any horse. LOVE

  • Live video series of "SELF-DISCOVERY through HORSES. Where you witness real life changing experiences. LIFE ENRICHMENT

  • Live and pre-recorded videos of training sessions, Q and A sessions, clinics, demos, and ADVENTURES to new places with horses. JOY

  • Meet MUSTANGS and RESCUE HORSES! Once considered untrainable/worthless, answering their higher calling by helping Justin answer his. Changing the lives of CHILDREN suffering with CANCER, and AT-RISK of depression/suicide. COMPASSION

  • Justin will walk you through a STRENGTH based training strategy, helping you and your horse understand each other in the partnership. Then the actual "training" becomes a "conversation" you both ENJOY every time you are together. HAPPY

  • Learn Justin's deep philosophies, beliefs, and priorities for success that have helped him, other people and horses find TANGIBLE REWARDS!

  • Get discounts/giveaways on products from Justin's sponsors: Weaver Leather, Big Dee's Tack and Vet Supply, and more!

  • Behind the scenes access to special events. 

By joining today for $15.00 per month or $150 per year, you will be helping me fund EQUINE THERAPY programs:

1) Adult-Veterans-Family, Self Discovery/Mental Health Promotion/Suicide prevention

2) Children, AT-RISK of depression/suicide

"I do not want you to ever feel lost in your horsemanship or in life, instead feel empowered to BE"-Justin Dunn

Looking forward to meeting you! Justin Dunn/Enlightened Horseman.

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Yearly Membership $150 billed yearly. 

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