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November 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Ready to RIDE with Cinnamon and me?!!!

We have great news! We will be riding with Best of America by Horseback. I will also be performing in two demonstrations with my mustang Cinnamon Girl.

 The dates of the event are November 20-22, 2020. We will be in Troy, NC. at 4B Farm and Campground in Uwharrie NF,

The demonstrations will be on Friday, and Saturday afternoon.

 I will share information that will enhance the relationship with your horse, enrich both of your lives while enjoying the experiences together. Friday Afternoon How to fit, prepare your horse and communicate with the Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle. Transition from a bit to bitless. Pros and Cons of going bitless Connect mind and body in communication with Bitless Bridle Create a willing partner in your horse. Saturday Afternoon Benefits of non restraint communication with the Bitless bridle. How to stop grass diving. How to stop a runaway horse. How to stop herd separation anxiety. Maintain harmony and balance in the relationship with your horse.   Participants will learn how I have been successful in horsemanship, asking my horses to help me provide life changing experiences for adults and children suffering with cancer, depression, PTS,  and anxiety. Can't make it to the event? Join here to see the demonstrations:   In an effort to provide the highest quality, most centralized experience for you, our members, we are transitioning away from Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  We plan to host the membership group from our main website and to broadcast LIVE from my website.   Another upcoming change is the launch of our AMS App in the next month or so. This app will notify you when we are LIVE and when we post training videos and our monthly newsletter.


Moonshine and Justin - bridleless communication at a clinic.

Not quite ready for bridleless horsemanship? Justin Dunn's Bitless Bridle can help you to prepare.


Words to Ride By

"I use strength-based training methods. Horses are keenly sensitive to the things we are focusing on so the key is to focus on or think about the behaviors we love about our horses and minimize our focus on or thoughts about any undesirable behaviors present. Not only does this benefit the horse but it is also very beneficial to our well-being."

Justin Dunn


Horse Fun Facts

Courtesy of

  • You can tell if a horse is cold by feeling behind their ears. If that area is cold, so is the horse.

  • Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva a day.

  • An adult horse’s brain weights 22 oz, about half that of a human.

  • The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 88 kph (55 mph). Most gallop at around 44 kph or 27 mph.

  • Horses are more secure and comfortable when trailering if they can face the rear, but they prefer openings.


Last Month's Roundup

The barn is almost completed!! I'll have a nice dry storage for hay, and saddles! We are so excited.


American Mustang School Horse Spotlight

Name - Indie - wild mustang

Age at training - 8

What were the natural strengths of this horse? - I asked Indie questions with my Five Part Series. What I learned from him was that he was a thinking horse. If I allowed him just a moment to think, he could learn and grow with ease. He is also a stoic type, meaning he doesn't outwardly display what he is necessarily thinking. I loved that he would respond to questions quietly.

How did I nurture these strengths? - 

In the Five Part Series (Mantra). I was able to ask Indie questions, watch his feedback, and make changes as needed to learn from him, as well as allow him to learn from me. By observing him, and being willing to change for him, I was able to create a learning environment. Creating a learning environment for both of us, I could focus on his strengths and develop them to our advantage in the relationship. Each session, I would make sure to space questions long enough for him to process the information he received. As our sessions became longer, he would learn quicker, and be more comfortable doing whatever we were doing in that session.

What potentials for growth were present at the start of my relationship with this horse? Confusion? Fear of human element? Brand new introduction to human element? -  Indie is a once wild (uninterrupted by man) mustang horse. He was captured out of Devil's Garden NF in California. The potentials for growth were good. He had limited human interactions before coming to me, so the feedback from him early on was easily adjusted. Five Part Series allows me to eliminate confusion, fear of humans, and properly invite him into the human element. The key is to empower the horses with a voice in the relationship. Allow the horse to be part of the team, giving and receiving information is very important.

How did I aid growth in these areas? -

 Following Rules, Beliefs, Philosophies, Priorities for success, Best Practices. Being disciplined to follow them consistently each and every training session.

What did this horse learn about himself during our shared experience? -  The biggest lesson I think he learned, is that he can be himself. He can ask questions in the relationship, and bring options for the human to choose from. He learned that he can relax, respond to questions with confidence, and not anxiously guess what we expect from him.

What did this horse teach me? -

Indie taught me to relax, and do what I know. The time frame he came to me, was a time we were brand new here in North Carolina. I had done a few clinics here and the area has a much different style of training and riding. I'm a mustang guy, and Indie kept reminding me of that! I'm so thankful to have met this horse, and he will always be special to me. His owner (Momma) really loves him too, and I'm so happy for them.


Special thanks to our sponsors!

5601 US HWY 1 Vass NC 28394 ~~ (910) 246-0809 ~~

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