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Justin Dunn American Mustang School May Newsletter 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

The private pool at our rental house

We have awesome news!

Coming in June, we will be offering private 2 day, 3 night horsemanship clinics including lodging. Due to the many requests, you and your family can now book a trip to get private one on one instruction with our American Mustang School horses. You will enjoy the newly remodeled private house with a swimming pool on American Mustang School property.

Not everyone in the family is into horses as much as some? Not a problem! We are located in one of the premier golf resort communities in the country. We have fine dining just down the street, with upscale shops, and beautiful garden parks to visit. Pinehurst, NC. is a must visit little village that will not disappoint. I really like the historical cabin myself. I actually ride horses to it from time to time.

For more information, or to book in advance, follow this link:

Cinnamon and me at the Pinehurst Resort

Want an overnight pack trip with horses? We can do it! Check out what we have as an option for you to go exploring and camping overnight with horses, nature and good conversation around the camp fires at night. We are currently planning a pack trip to the mountains of NC. to look for gold in the streams!! Super fun!!


If you want to fund therapy sessions for our veterans make a donation to Hot Rods for Veterans and earmark it for AMS.

Last Month's Roundup

Spring training for the herd

We held our Spring Training event on April 18. Some amazing friends dropped by to help out. We checked out all 9 horses from head to hoof, groomed them, checked for sand in the horses digestive tracts, administered de-wormer, and invited each human to work with each horse. This very important spa day for the herd, tuned them up for our upcoming veteran seasons. All horses check-out beautifully and the humans had a wonderful time.

AMS Adventures - Here's What's Coming Up

What's old is new again

We tried Wix groups to manage our horsemanship membership group, Adventures of the Enlightened Horseman and found that it was not working for us. SO we are switching back to our Private Facebook Group. We now offer one membership type - Lifetime Membership for $250. All monthly memberships will expire permanently on May 1.

Most members have made the switch to our Lifetime option but if you have not done so, click below so that you don't miss out on all the fun:

  • Access to private horsemanship group on Facebook

  • Hundreds of videos with new videos added weekly

  • Live Q&As with Justin and special guests

  • Get access to Justin for questions

  • Can't find a video? Suggest a topic.


Words to Ride By

"There are two kinds of people in the world- some people wake up in the morning and notice all the beautiful things around them and some people wake up looking for things to complain about. It is much healthier for humans to embrace positive, beautiful things around them and horses draw toward this mindset." - Justin Dunn


Roy Rogers and Trigger Quiz - Part 2

Courtesy of

  1. Did Trigger have a stunt double?

  2. How many tricks did Trigger know and what was his signature trick?

  3. How many offspring did Trigger have?

See answers below...


American Mustang School Horse Spotlight

Name - Astrazar Arabian gelding, I don't have a picture, but he was a beautiful grey, black skin horse, and carried himself valiantly.

Age at training - 25

What were the natural strengths of this horse? High energy Arabian

What potentials for growth were present at the start of the relationship with this horse? He liked people

How did I aid growth in these areas? I helped him realize he could relax, and be himself.

What did this horse learn about himself during our shared experience? He learned that he was not expected to race around as fast as he could all of the time.

What did this horse learn from me? That not all humans expect the same from him. Not all humans will be quick to punish him and cause him fear and tension.

What did I learn from him? That even Arabian horses can relax down after years of hyperness, and carry my girlfriend (now my wife) on a nice peaceful sunset ride in the California desert.


Answers for the Roy Rogers and Trigger Quiz

1. For some of his more dangerous stunts, as well as personal appearances, Trigger had backup stunt horses. Trigger’s famous backups included Little Trigger and Allen’s Golden Zephyr. Little Trigger was said to be a Morgan that was recognizable by his white blaze and four white stockings. He was slightly shorter than Trigger, standing at 15 hands tall, and had a slightly stockier build. He was said to know over 100 tricks, and he performed some of Trigger’s most difficult action shots.

Allen’s Golden Zephyr, also known as Trigger Jr., was a registered Tennessee Walking horse that also had four white stockings and a blaze. Trigger Jr.’s main job was to make personal appearances on behalf of Trigger. He was also a very successful stud, siring many offspring.

Unlike his doubles, Trigger only had one sock on his left leg and a wide blaze.

2. Glenn Randall, Trigger's trainer, taught him over 100 tricks. Indeed, Trigger was known as the "Smartest Horse in Movies." Trigger's signature move was his vertical rear.

3. Trigger was a stallion his entire life but was never bred. Rogers thought the stallion may lose his sweet disposition and find mares more interesting than movies.

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