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January 2021 Newsletter

American Mustang School - Let's ride.

Happy New Year!

Wow, what a wild ride 2020 was. I am excited for 2021, and look forward to bringing you more valuable information to continue helping you and your horse.

One of the new things we are doing this year is moving out of Facebook. We have switched from Facebook to our own website group, and app. Switching to our own website group will allow us to control our content, and produce our content without the possibility of losing it. The big social media platforms actually own anything we upload and have the right to charge us to continue to use it.

If you have not joined our membership group already, follow this link to join! We are planning to do more in the group than we did on Facebook. In the app, there is a library of videos on specific topics related to horsemanship and training. There is a membership group where weekly videos are uploaded to share training tips, and horsemanship adventures. We will have live Q and A capabilities too! We now have different membership levels,with more opportunities for one on one consultation and instant access for information. Check out the different membership levels on my website.

Even though 2020 presented some unknowns and at times was challenging, we look forward to 2021. I am hopeful we will be able to get American Mustang School up and running. The only thing certain is uncertainty, and if I have learned anything from horses, it's to keep moving. We will keep moving, and continue to pursue the very thing we set out to do, help people and horses.

In the early part of 2020, we had a business plan that was totally destroyed by the reactions to the pandemic. Our business model was to include community support from businesses that wanted to aid in the promotion of mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and preservation of the American Mustang horses. In March of 2020, the plan was changed. The businesses we were depending on were forced to close their doors. With the businesses closed, and no way to make money, there was no way they could donate to AMS.

We had to make a choice, continue forward, or quit. The choice was not easy, and never is in uncertain times. It was then, in those times that I made a decision to make a way for AMS to survive. The fundamental principles for AMS are to help others, and horses have life enrichment.

I come from a family that believes in hard work pays off, and has the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in making something happen, instead of waiting for it to happen. There are many excuses that I could have come up with to quit, and came close a few times. I truly believe that what we are doing is worth doing, and has attracted the right people to make it happen.

My team and I are developing a new way to provide sustainability to AMS, and provide even better service to our members. Our plan is to provide information with intrinsic value that have actual rewards. I cannot be everywhere at once, but with online capabilities, I can share information abroad. My purpose is clear to me, and to fulfill that purpose, I will continue to grow and develop with horses, to help others with their horses.

Thank you for being a part of our vision, we could not continue without your support.

Justin Dunn


Last Month's Round-up

Making videos on a rainy, cold winter day with Harley, Justin, and the Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle in the new barn.

Videos for the Membership Group

We spent lots of time making videos for our Membership Group this month. We can't wait for you to see them!


AMS Adventures - Here's What's Coming Up

Big Membership Group Change

We’re excited to announce that we have completed the process of moving our Private group members to our brand new website and Wix app!

We are closing down the Facebook group in a couple of days so all members should have received emails with logins to the new App and Website!

If you have paid for a membership and not received an email please let us know by messaging us or emailing

Here is a link to the App for you to download to your phone so you can stay connected to our vibrant online community! If you already have the Wix app enter the invite code 13TMCK. We look forward to seeing you all in our new space!

Magazine Article Time

AMS will be showcased in the January issue of one of our local magazines called Sandhills. If you would like a copy, let me know.


Words to Ride By - Justin Dunn Quotes

"Your horse needs a servant leader. A servant leader cares more about the one he leads than in being the the leader."

Justin Dunn


American Mustang School Horse Spotlight

Name - Bo, with my two daughters Lauren and Emma.

Age at time of training -15

What were the natural strengths of this horse? - They were not easy to discover due to the trauma he had endured. He would lay down if pain was used to communicate with him. He was a very gentle horse, but was easily pushed past his comfort zone.

How did I nurture these strengths? - The bitless bridle was key to developing this horse. He came to be one of my best horses that anyone could ride and be safe with. Bo knew his purpose, and would perform flawlessly once the proper agreements were made and practiced. Never force a horse to submit with pain or fear.

What potentials for growth were present at the start of my relationship with this horse? Confusion? Fear of human element? Brand new introduction to human element? - He anticipated pain from the bit, and would get very tense, the slightest pressure from the reins, he would lay down. As I implemented our tried and trued training practices, Bo revealed his true self. He was a loving horses, very affectionate and caring towards me and my family. He would allow any rider, and with the bitless bridle would respond to any questions quietly.

How did I aid growth in these areas? - By practicing philosophies, priorities for success, and following rules.

What did this horse learn about himself during our shared experience? - He learned he could be calm and relaxed in communication with humans. He revealed that he could adapt to different people and appreciated being part of the team. He really shined in our camp for children with cancer. In the later years he was only asked to carry the weight of children 100 lbs or less. I loved this horse so deeply, and miss him everyday.

What did this horse teach me? - To be strong, yet gentle.


Horse Fun Facts - fill in the blanks


  1. Horses have __ muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees. (Source: University of Minnesota)

  2. Horses drink at least __ gallons of water a day (more in hotter climates). (Source: Healthy Pets)

  3. Horses produce approximately __ gallons of saliva a day. (Source: EquiNews)


Answers for Horse Fun Facts - fill in the blanks

  1. 16 Muscles in a horse's ear

  2. 25 Gallons of water consumed daily

  3. 10 Gallons of saliva produced daily


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