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October 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Promoting Mental Health and Wellness through preservation of the American Mustang

by Justin Dunn

Mustang horses, once "wild" or uninterrupted by man, have the ability to heal man. Mustangs analyze everything for survival, a matter of life and death, it's that serious. The mustang has to be properly invited into the "human element", forming agreements, following rules, priorities for success, philosophies, and best practices to create a willing partner.

Mustang horses possess a unique ability to connect with humans through seen and more importantly the unseen pathways of communication.The mustang's abilities to communicate on these higher levels has not atrophied like many domesticated horses.

A Mustang's survival skills and acute awareness demand a person's attention, and where attention goes, energy (information) flows. The mustang will cause a human to connect in mind and body effectively, allowing them abilities of self awareness, discovery, and be proactive in enhancing health and wellness for themselves.

Mustangs do not care about race, wealth, status, etc. Mustang horses care how much a person cares not only about them, but how much a person cares about themselves. As a person develops a relationship with a wild horse, the person will have to care more about themselves as they present the best version of themselves to the horse. Mustangs have a way of doing things for people, only the mustang can do.

I have personally shared horsemanship with children diagnosed with cancer, veterans at risk of suicide, children at risk of suicide, and their families. The results that horses can accomplish for people is phenomenal.

When a mustang horse is properly asked, they will reveal and deliver a gift to people that I cannot train into them.The energy and information horses share with people is unique to the horse and the individual. That gift, cannot be created or destroyed, and in that cannot be altered by man.

To find out more on American Mustang School and the many options for equine health and wellness programs and training, join our private membership group. Please share this newsletter link with anyone you know that may be interested too!


Last Month's Roundup

We have a new website now, (same address or and many new options for delivering better information and education coming soon

The barn is coming together!! Ill have a nice dry storage for hay, and saddles! We are so excited.

October starts our Military Service Members health and wellness/Leadership horsemanship classes! For more information on how you can be of help, let us know.


AMS Adventures - Here's What's Coming Up

The barn is taking shape so our efforts will be concentrated on moving that project forward.

We will continue with our Member Group videos and veteran therapy sessions this month.


Words to Ride By

"EGO is the biggest destroyer in developing a relationship with a horse."

Justin Dunn

Whiskey and Justin having fun in the woods.


Horse Fun Facts - The Pony Express

Courtesy of

True or False

  1. The Pony Express delivered mail from Missouri to California in 9 days.

  2. A Pony Express rider made $300/trip.

  3. The Pony Express was a completely successful business venture.

  4. At the height of its business the Pony Express had over 400 horses and about 180 riders.

Answers below...


American Mustang School Horse Spotlight

Name - Rusty

Age -15

Favorite activity - Getting groomed by children.

Best adventure with Justin - I asked Rusty to be a packhorse on an adventure we recently went on. We had to cross a deep water crossing and the other horses were not real sure of crossing it. Rusty was so curious, he actually took a leadership role and helped the other horses have the confidence to cross the water. He was so proud of himself, I realized he actually enjoys playing in deep water.

Rusty is special because - He really is connected to the other horses, never fights with any of them. He is my biggest horse in size and heart. Gentle giant, and it shows with kids.


Answer for Horse Fun Fact

  1. True - Mail was delivered in 9 days. In the winter months, the trip would take 2-3 days longer.

  2. False - The riders (mostly light, wiry teenagers) made $125 per trip - still very good wages for the time.

  3. False - As a business venture the Pony Express was very successful until the Telegraph was introduced. It then lost a great deal of money. It also only lasted 18 months.

  4. True - 400 horses and 180 riders worked for the Pony Express at its height.


Still available...

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Please consider joining because every dollar goes toward providing Veterans and First Responders (and their families) Equine Assisted Therapy - at no charge to them.

In return, Justin shares his knowledge of Bitless, Spurless, No pain, No fear Horsemanship with you.

A win-win that could save someone's life and enrich your horsemanship!

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