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Justin Dunn LLC


I am fully aware of the risks inherent in any equine activity, including serious physical injury, death, or other consequences that may result from participating in an equine event. Being fully informed as to the risks and in consideration of being allowed to participate in this equine clinic and use of this property, I hereby assume all risk of injury, personal property damage, and liability arising from such activities or use. I further release, Justin Dunn LLC, and Justin W. Dunn owner of American Mustang School, located in Aberdeen, NC., fellow participants, instructors and anyone associated with this equine activity, and waive any right of recovery I might have to bring claim or lawsuit against them for any personal injury, death, or other consequences occurring to me or my horse which may arise out of my voluntary participation in this equine activity. I agree that in the event of a lawsuit against Justin Dunn LLC or anyone mentioned above, I will pay for travel expenses, food and lodging for all witnesses called by parties involved prior to and during this equine activity. I agree to pay all legal fees/expenses for all parties involved. I agree that in the event of a lawsuit, if I were to win a judgement, that a full refund not to exceed the amount I paid for services be rewarded to me. I agree that by signing this agreement, I fully understand the aforementioned.

Address of property for event/clinic/activity, phone number

200 Vivien Way, Aberdeen, NC. 28315   910-929-0359

Thank you for submitting your liability waiver.

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