"Promoting mental health and wellness through the preservation of the American Mustang"

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At the American Mustang School located in Aberdeen, North Carolina, Justin Dunn works exclusively with American Mustangs in our veterans, military, first responders and youth therapy programs.  We also provide online and in-person training for people to develop a closer relationship with their horses and help resolve behavioral problems. We will also take a limited number of horses in training and provide online and in-person consults for purchasing your next equine partner. Contact us today to find out more or join our online community and get access to exclusive content and training tips!



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About Justin

“Trade places with your horse, treat them as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed”.

Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship

Justin Dunn specializes in training wild horses (mustangs) and horses with undesirable behavior issues.


He has 9 horses, consisting of BLM Mustangs, rescue horses, and some once considered untrainable horses.


Justin trains horses for a (higher purpose) and his horses help him, help others.


His team of horses have helped with a camp for children with cancer for six years, and (at-risk) children’s program, and countless clinics for people wanting to learn Horsemanship.


Justin is recognized as a top trainer and clinician at the national level. He travels all over the country sharing with people, what horses share with him.


His passion is to help people understand horses, and horses understand people.


Promoting life enrichment, self-discovery, and spiritual enlightenment.


Some facts you may find interesting, Justin never uses metal bits or spurs on the horses to communicate.


He believes in the humane treatment of horses, never using pain or fear to force submission, creating a (willing partner) in the relationship.


He uses the Justin Dunn Bitless Bridle, manufactured by Weaver Leather. His bridle is used by thousands of people all over the world.


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Justin Dunn Horsemanship
American Mustang School

200 Vivien Way, Aberdeen, NC 28315

Phone: 910-929-0359


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