Justin Dunn has been an avid rider since he was a child. He's competed in Mustang Makeovers and adopted the Mustangs he trains to help him in camps for children with or recovering from Cancer, 2011-2017. He owns and operates an outfitting business which includes trail rides and pack trips.

As a professional horse trainer/clinician, Justin holds 3 day private clinics and has the only 3 day Mustang Horsemanship School of its kind at his ranch in Colorado. Justin travels all over the U.S. for public/private clinics and is the trainer/clinician for the popular television show Best of America by Horseback on RFD-TV.

One thing you might find surprising; all of Justin’s horses are barefoot and are ridden using Bit-less bridles he designed. This provides for exquisite communication for the rider and unparalleled comfort for the horse. (Interestingly, Justin does not use spurs either!).

Justin’s specialty is in helping people and horses build their relationship. He helps people improve themselves so that their horse can be better, too. Life improvement for both the individual and the horse. Justin wants to help people understand horses, and horses understand people

Let me help you feel what I feel inside with horsemanship. It’s a timeless experience, true connection and a path to enlightenment.

Although I am bit-less and all my horses are bit-less, I am not anti bit and here is why: In fairness to the horse, he should be prepared to carry a bit if the horse needed a new home. As long as the person uses the bit properly, I am anti improper use. 

4 Best Practices in horsemanship:

  • Be deliberate in your communication
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Enjoy your experiences
  • Give your best

"Present to the horse, what you expect in return." -- Justin Dunn


"When I started wanting to train horses, I just knew there had to be a different way than is often taught. I have studied all the great natural horseman's from the likes of Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance creating the desire to build my own methods. After attending a 1 day Justin Dunn Clinic with my rescued mule and Arab, I was hooked and signed up for a 5 day certification course. The 5 part series has helped me begin communicating with any horse I meet and start a conversation with them. I highly recommend anyone at any level of horse experience to see what Justin is up to. Justin has a way to break things down into an easy to understand method that anyone can learn."  -- Travis Underwood

"Justin Dunn of Colorado is quick to talk about his family and his horses. To him, they may be one and the same. He is a master in training wild mustangs to the point that I have seen small children ride them without any fear. He does not break the spirit of the horse but brings the wild horse into our world to be a show horse or a trail horse. He is the only trainer that really, in my opinion, can understand the mind of a mustang and train a wild mustang to be truly safe for anyone to ride. His work with cancer children and horses as therapy is inspiring. Again, Justin can be trusted to train my horse or yours." -- Tom Seay Host of Best of America by Horseback TV Show

"I never use pain or fear as a training method" - Justin Dunn

What We've Achieved


Justin offers a number of services that can be customized for your needs. Here are some offerings and don't hesitate to reach out for more information and questions should you want to schedule. 

Horse Training : $2,500 for 30 days includes hay, owner provides supplements. $15 a day for non-training days that the horse is boarded. 

Training at Justin's Ranch: One on one private training 9:00-4:00 with one hour lunch break. $425 (lodging not included)

Mobile Horse Training : Justin travels to you, up to 35 miles $475, up to 80 miles $675 and over 80 miles in Colorado $1200. 9:00-4:00 with 1 hour lunch break. One-on-one training only.

Private Clinic : Your horse at Justin's ranch is $825 for 1 person / per day. Each additional person per day is $475. Includes 2 nights lodging and lodging for 1 horse per person.  If you would like the private clinic at your location, contact for pricing. 

3 Day Horsemanship Certification Clinics : These clinics are tailored to the various levels (1, 2, 3 ..) of Justin Dunn Horsemanship. $1500 per person per level. Does not include lodging. Stay tuned for more on getting involved with becoming a Justin Dunn Horsemanship expert as an exciting new offering will be coming in 2019. 

An example of an actual clinic lesson plan:

  • Clinic will start with an introduction to the Five-Part Series which establishes clear communication between horse and human. The Five-Part Series allows you to ask specific questions, take notes on your horse and he take notes on you to learn each other. 
  • Then a transfer of the Five-Part Series under saddle. 
  • Five-Part Series will help eliminate confusion and decrease anxiety, helping you and your horse understand each other with clearer communication. 
  • We will then transition to a bit-less bridle continuing to engage in a conversation of pressure is a question and release is a thank you. 
  • Never using pain or fear, never forcing to submit. 
  • Through the whole clinic we will always be creating a want or willingness for the horse to engage with you.

Host A Clinic :  Have a group of friends that would like a clinic at your location? These can be tailored from introductory,  certification clinics to problem solving, focused riding on the trail. Contact for pricing and arrangements. 

Consulting Services :  

  • Phone consults for horse training $75 per hour. 
  • Video Critique - you send a 20 minute video of training questions/issues. Justin will watch and reply with a phone call $150
    • Reply with a personalized Video showing answers with a horse $200

Trail Rides: 

You may never have ridden anyplace quite like Guffey. The area averages about 9000 feet in elevation with many prominent hills rising over 11,000 feet. These peaks command impressive views for miles around. This isn't dude ranch riding; you can ride where you want without being restricted to a few well worn trails. See something interesting? We'll head that way! Your choice of destination and route is limited only by your own skill as a rider. But don't think you need to be an expert, we've taken many first time riders over these hills and valleys. We encourage family rides but children must be at least 8 years old to participate.

  • Half Day $125 per person
  • Full Day $175 per person
  • 3 person minimum. 6 person maximum

Want to spend a few days/nights in the backcountry? Contact us for a Pack Trip! 

** Deposits are non-refundable**